Tom Steve
Hey Steve, have you heard about the new legal separation laws in California? Yes, I have. It’s interesting how they differ from restraining orders.
Speaking of laws, do you know if full auto BB guns are legal in the US? As far as I know, they are prohibited in many states, but the laws can vary.
Have you come across any good resources for learning legal English? Yes, I found a helpful PDF guide for beginners that breaks down the language used in legal studies.
Do you use contingency contracts in your classroom for behavior management? Yes, I’ve found them to be very effective for setting expectations and consequences.
What’s your take on the role of law enforcement agencies in India? I think their structure and functions play a critical role in maintaining order and safety in the country.
Have you heard about the upcoming ABA Administrative Law Conference in 2022? Yes, I’m looking forward to attending and gaining some expert insights and updates on administrative law.
Hey, have you ever used a free AIA subcontractor agreement? Yes, they can be very helpful for outlining the terms and conditions of a subcontracting arrangement.
Steve, do you have any experience with determining the enterprise value of an unlisted company? Yes, it requires a deep understanding of the company’s financials and market conditions.
What are your thoughts on the name requirements for California corporations? It’s important to ensure that the name meets the guidelines and stands out in the market.